Support Options
We know that scheduling time and costs can be a major factor in being able to provide the level of organizational support for leadership and instructional teams. With this, Education Is Power Consulting offers two options for support.
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Two Options

A consultant comes to work with the leadership team, a small group of teachers and/or provides professional learning to your staff. This allows opportunities to observe teachers and students in action and provide more strategic next steps.

Virtual Coaching is designed to support school leadership (principals, assistant principals, literacy coaches, and/or grade/content leaders). It provides additional support with design and/or implementation of your strategic literacy plan for the year. This option is great for schools that are located outside of the NYC metro area. Most Virtual coaching options come with a few in-person support days in order to see the work in action.

Learn about the benefits of Instructional and Leadership Support.

VIRTUAL COACHING For Instructional Leaders

How Does It Work

EIPC consultants and your team meet in a virtual classroom for 2-3 hours of protected time monthly or bi-monthly to develop and act upon a strategic action plan created during the initial session. Each session includes using data to evaluate the current plan, design a set of instructional practices that directly link to the goal, and reflect on how those practices are helping teachers and students. Some sessions might include:
  • Analyzing your data
  • Planning your observation and debriefing schedule
  • Structuring and planning your staff or PLC meetings for maximizing an instructional focus
  • Strategizing with teacher teams to problem-solve, reflect and plan
  • Providing mini-PD on current literacy instruction

Benefits of Virtual Coaching

  • Schedule Flexibility
  • Avoid Travel Expenses
  • Receive a consistent message for your PD and School Improvement Plan
  • Immediate Problem-Solving Support
  • Ability to include as many people in one session as you would like
Creating Our Partnership

If you would like to start working on the needs for your school or district, please use the Contact Form. Thank you for your interest in working together.