Leadership Support
For Leaders and Coaches
We know that organizational leadership dramatically influences student achievement. Great leadership makes great teaching and learning possible. Education Is Power Consulting builds the capacity of school leaders through individualized coaching and leadership development.
This form of coaching is offered and accessible in the New York Metro Area and via Virtual Coaching. Use the Contact Form to request information on how to get started or book an appointment to review the best option for your facility needs.

Learning Walks

Learning walks bring instructional leaders and teachers together to observe classroom instruction in a strategic and collaborative way.

Education Is Power consultants assist instructional leaders and teachers with developing a focus of inquiry, such as the quantity and depth of student talk during instruction, students use of anchors to develop autonomy or the quantity of independent writing time for students to develop their craft.. With training and support, teachers visit classrooms gathering data related to their line of inquiry.

EIPC consultants then guide teacher teams through a process to debrief what they’ve seen and heard. This results in a set of evidenced based findings that guide the school in developing a vision for instructional practices. Additionally, it supports schools with the ability to identify needs for their own professional development.

Learn about the benefits of Instructional Support or the different Support Options available.


We build school and district leadership capacity to ensure that the work is sustainable year after year.

We work with school leadership teams to ensure they understand best practices as they walk through teachers’ classrooms. This allows them to plan action steps for providing their instructional team with meaningful feedback and professional learning that will lead to enhancing teaching practices and increased student achievement.

EIPC consultants begin with an assessment of the leaders skills and capacities. The assessment includes walkthroughs, interviews and a self-assessment. The consultant and school leader devise a coaching plan with specific objectives based on this assessment. The coaching plan is designed to address school needs while building leadership capacity.

Topics May Include

  • Aligning organizational goals to the instructional program
  • Developing a vision for the instructional program
  • Learning Walkthroughs
  • Tracking Student Data
  • Targeted observation and feedback

Creating Our Partnership

If you would like to start working on the needs for your school or district, please use the Contact Form. Thank you for your interest in working together.