Instructional Support
For Instructional Staff
Education Is Power Consulting believes that schools should be driven by educators equipped with the tools necessary to meet the needs of every learner. Through that belief, we help teachers, school-based coaches, teacher leaders and school principals implement strategies and systems for continuous improvement of literacy instruction. Through coaching and professional development, we build teachers’ knowledge of literacy content and pedagogy in order to make decisions that will enhance students’ lives as readers and writers
In person support allows us to work with your team in their natural environment and support them as they apply the strategies in a safe space with the resources they have at their disposal. Use the Contact Form to request information on how to get started or book an appointment to review the best option for your facility needs.

Teacher Development

We know from research that good teachers, effective teachers, manage to produce better achievement regardless of the which curricular materials, pedagogical approach or instructional program selected.

Coaching and Professional Development

  • One-on-One Individualized Coaching
  • Grade Level Coaching
  • Small Group Coaching Sessions
Coaching Cycles consist of 5 steps designed to help schools rise to the next level. Baselines are used to ensure proper tracking and monitor growth, as we focus on maximum effectiveness of our time together.
  • Guided Reading
  • Readers & Writers Workshop
  • Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Development
  • Matching Books to Readers
  • Using Classroom Data to Inform Instruction
  • Formative Data Analysis
  • Strengthening Comprehension Strategies

Learn about the benefits of Leadership Support or the different Support Options available.


Education Is Power Consulting provides schools with assistance in developing a literacy curriculum that ensures progressive skill development amongst the school through continuity of instruction and maximization of student time. This helps to minimize instructional overlaps, boredom and ensures mastery of curriculum.

This work often includes aligning curriculum to ensure all of the pieces “talk” to one another and are aligned across the school day and across grade levels. This ensures teachers are able to define and implement developmentally rigorous instruction and hold all students to high expectations of learning.

Topics May Include

  • Identifying pre-created curriculum that align to the goals and needs of the school.
  • Developing a clear scope and sequence that is standards-aligned and articulates key learning outcomes across grade levels.
  • Developing units of study that effectively translate curriculum into lessons and units with clear objectives, activities, strategies and assessments.
  • Identifying and/or creating data sources that will drive the development of learning targets. These will aid in informing student grouping and adjust curriculum pacing.
Creating Our Partnership

If you would like to start working on the needs for your school or district, please use the Contact Form. Thank you for your interest in working together.