Our vision is an educational system driven by educators equipped with the tools to meet the needs of every learner.
Education Is Power Consulting, LLC looks to partner with schools that are committed to building the capacity of its instructional staff and closing the achievement gap for their scholars. We work with schools and districts to provide customized professional development and coaching services that improve teacher effectiveness and student performance. Services are tailored to meet the individual and unique needs of your learning community.

What We Offer

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Education Is Power Consulting, LLC offers school leaders a reliable, high quality resource for literacy coaching, professional development and curriculum design support on both a local and national scale. We provide information and strategies that help students in under-resourced communities, servicing both traditional public and charter schools.

We are dedicated to accelerating student, adult and organizational learning. With almost 20 years of urban education experience, in and out of the classroom working with students nationwide, our approach uses methods tailored to meet the needs of all schools we serve. Education is Power Consulting sees each contract as an agreement, not between a business and its customer, but between partners that wish to close the achievement gap in America.

We are literacy specialists focused on working with individual schools and districts to provide customized professional development and coaching services that improve teacher effectiveness and student achievement. Our consultants help schools rise to the next level through instructional coaching, curriculum development and school culture professional development.

Education Is Power Consulting, LLC spends time in the classroom one-on-one with teachers or with small groups helping them apply skills in a safe space environment. This helps teachers optimize the tools available in a manner that achieves better results. Education Is Power Consulting provides group facilitation in an engaging and active style. Whether you need support with small or large groups, we can provide you with the assistance you need.

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Why You Should Partner Us

As a result of partnering with Education Is Power Consulting, LLC, schools are able to establish rigorous learning environments, educators are able to make more informed decisions about student needs and students are more engaged and thoughtful readers and writers. We are looking for school leaders who are committed to transforming their students’ literacy lives. Who do you know?

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How Our Can Help

Request a brochure for the options listed below if you would like additional information. If you already have a brochure and are ready to get started, or if you have questions, send us a message or schedule an appointment using the CONTACT Link.

Literacy Coaching

For Teachers, Administrators and School-Based Coaches in the Local NY Metro Area.

Leadership Coaching

For Administrators and School Based Coaches locally and via Virtual Coaching.

Virtual Coaching

Use technology as a cost effective way to get training for your facility.

Online Resources

Gain access to online resources and become a part of the community.